Arcanist Gloves-> ilv: 66, Vendor price: 2G 16S 57C(MAGE ONLY)

Belt of Ominous Trembles-> ilv:540 vendor price: 17 G 64S 7C

Black-Blooded Drape-> ilv: 540, vendor price: 26G 26S 87C

Bloodfang Pants-> Ilv: 76, Vendor price: 5G 43S 13C (ROGUE ONLY)

Bonereaver's Edge-> ilv:77, vendor price: 10G 60S 67C

Bracers of Infinite Pipes-> ilv: 540, vendor price: 18G 4S 74C

Cauterizing Band-> ilv:71, Vendor price: 6G 2S 56C

Cenarion Spaulders-> ilv: 66 , Vendor price: 3G 60S 6C (DRUID ONLY)

Dragonmaw Emergency Strap-> ilv: 540, vendor price: 17G 77S 57C

Dragon's Blood Cape->Ilv:73, Vendor Price: 4G 10S 87C

Eaglecrest Warboots-> ilv: 110, vendor price: 5G 96S 10C

Earthshaker-> Ilv: 66, Vendor price: 9G 19S 3C

Edge of Oppression-> ilv: 115, vendor price: 12G 28S 73C

Felheart Robes-> ilv:66, vendor price: 5G 5S 15C (WARLOCK ONLY)

Felheart Shoulder Pads-> ilv:66, vendor price; 3G 75S 39C(WARLOCK ONLY)

Felheart Slippers-> ilv: 66 , vendor price: 3G 69S 85C(WARLOCK ONLY)

Finkle's Lava Dredger->Ilv:70, Vendor price: 9G 48S 76C

Giantstalker's Boots-> ilv: 66, Vendor price: 3G 88S (HUNTER ONLY)

Giantstalker's Breastplate-> ilv: 66 , vendor price: 5G 10S 93C(HUNTER ONLY)

Grips of Unending Anguish-> ilv: 540, vendor price: 17G 84S 41C

Handwraps of Flowing Thought-> ilv: 115, vendor price: 4G 85S 21 C

Jaded Crystal Dagger-> ilv: 115, vendor price: 11G 89S 8C

Mantid Vizier's Robes->ilv: 540, vendor price: 35G 34S 97C

Master Thief's Gloves-> Ilv:110, Vendor Price: 4G 7S 73C

Nightslayer Bracelets-> ilv: 66, Vendor price: 2G 50S 27C

Nightslayer Gloves-> ilv: 66 , vendor price: 2G 51 S 18C (ROGUE ONLY)

Norushen's Enigmatic Barrier-> ilv:540, vendor price: 33G 29S 45C

Petrified Pennyroyal Ring(Warforged!)-> ilv: 546, vendor price: 23G 38S 22C

Quickening Blade of the Prince-> ilv: 125, vendor price: 12G 13S 17C

Seal of Eternal Sorrow-> ilv: 540, vendor price: 22G 29S 61C

Seebo's Sainted Touch-> ilv:540, vendor price: 18G 31S 37C

Shadow-Binders Kilt-> ilv: 540, vendor price: 36G 93S 83C

Shoulderpads of the Silvermoon Retainer-> ilv: 125, vendor price: 4G 15S 91C

Spaulders of Dementia-> Ilv:110, Vendor Price: 5G 75S 13C

Striker's Mark-> ilv: 69, Vendor price: 5G 49S 68C

Timbal's Focusing Crystal-> ilv: 115, vendor price: 7G 20S 39C

Tree-Mender's Belt-> ilv:110 vendor price: 4G 75S 65C

Wristguards of Stability-> Ilv: 65, Vendor price: 2G 61S 8C