Aboriginal Gloves of the Eagle-> ilv: 16, vendor price: 2S 87C

Aboriginal Sash of the Whale-> ilv: 15, vendor price; 2S 46C

Amani Tomahawk of the Bandit-> Ilv: 114 , Vendor price: 7G 9S 59C

Ancestral Tunic-> Ilv:13 , Vendor Price: 3S 56C

Archer's Longbow-> ilv: 32, vendor price: 40S 61C

Barbaric Cloth Gloves-> ilv: 15, vendor price: 2S 54C

Bard's Boots of the Eagle-> ilv:16, vendor price: 4S 22C

Birchwood Maul of the Eagle->, ilv:15; vendor price: 9S 22C

Bloodspattered Gloves of the Eagle-> ilv:15, Vendor price: 2S 48C

Bloodspattered Wrisbands of the Monkey->Ilv: 15, Vendor Price: 2S 58C

Cavalier Two-Hander of the Whale-> ilv: 28; vendor price: 45S 82C

Cerulean Talisman of the Eagle-> ilv: 32, vendor price: 42S 20C

Crystalvein Sabatons of the Landslide-> Ilv:312, Vendor Price: 9G 95S 40C

Desert Ring of the Wolf-> ilv: 49, vendor price: 46S 49C

Durable Cape of the Owl-> ilv: 29, vendor price: 20S 83C

Duskwoven Gloves of the Owl-> ilv: 51, vendor price: 83S 74C

Eldr'naan Pants of the Eagle-> ilv: 114, vendor price: 5G 28S 84C

Emblazoned Boots-> ilv: 30; 25S 33C

Emblazoned Gloves-> ilv: 29, vendor price: 13S 88C

Embossed Plate Shield of Stamina-> ilv: 45, vendor price: 1G 97C

Expedition Hood of the Invoker-> Ilv:117 , Vendor Price: 3G 76S 30C

Everstill Shoulderpads of the Wildlife-> ilv:300, Vendor price:9 G,72S 31C

Greenweave Sandals of Spirit-> ilv: 23 , Vendor price: 10S 76C

Grizzly Pants of the Monkey-> ilv: 14, vendor price: 4S 18C

Heavy Lamellar Vambraces of the Monkey-> ilv: 51; vendor price: 87S 33C

Hibernal Gloves-> ilv: 47, vendor price: 63S 75C

Honed Stiletto of Power-> ilv: 30, vendor price: 44S 26C

Hulking Spaulders-> ilv: 26, vendor price: 15S 36C

Insignia Cloak-> ilv: 32,vendor price: 28S 56C

Khan'aish Bracers of the Eagle -> Ilv:96, Vendor Price: 2G 15S 61C

Kingly Axe of the Sorcerer -> Ilv:93, Vendor Price: 6G 19S 92C

Long Battle Bow-> ilv: 29, vendor price: 30S 39C

Mercurial Girdle of the Owl-> Ilv:61, Vendor price: 1G 51S 13C

Mistcape Pants-> ilv: 45, vendor price: 1G 18S 71C

Mistcape Stave-> ilv: 46, vendor price: 1G 5S 67C

Netherstorm Legguards of the Bandit -> Ilv: 120,Vendor Price: 5G 44S 24C

Phalanx Breastplate of the Bear-> ilv: 35, vendor price: 49S 65C

Revenants Epaulets of Shadow Protection-> Ilv 178, vendor price: 6G 72C

Seduced Blade of the Owl-> ilv:182, Vendor price:10G 99S 96C

Sequoia Hammer of Power-> ilv: 33,vendor price: 59S 58C

Superior Tunic of the Eagle-> ilv: 28,vendor price: 25S 37C

Ritual Cape of Spirit-> ilv:17, vendor price: 5S 2C

Rune Sword of the Bear-> ilv: 51, vendor price: 2G 59S 32C

Sage's Staf of the Owl-> ilv: 32, vendor price: 31S 41C

Sanguine Handwraps-> ilv:26, vendor price: 10S 60C

Shadow Wand-> Ilv:14, Vendor Price: 4S 13C

Short Ash Bow-> Ilv: 23, vendor price: 16S 10C

Silver-Thread Pants-> ilv: 30, vendor price: 31S 87C

Skettis Footwraps of Agility-> Ilv:111, Vendor Price: 3G 58S 81C

Spiked Club of Spirit-> ilv: 13,vendor price; 6S 10C

Spliting Hatchet of the Monkey-> ilv: 31, vendor price: 50S 33C

Staunch Hammer of Intellect-> Ilv:14, Vendor Price: 6S 12C

Sturdy Quaterstaff of the Wolf-> ilv:13, vendor price: 6S 31C

Sundered Footwraps of Fire Protection-> Ilv:114, Vendor Price: 3G 78S 80C

Temple Breastplate of the Earthshaker->ilv:429, vendor price: 17G 10S 76C

Valorous Pauldrons-> ilv:48, vendor price: 1G 4S 50C

Wanderer's Armor of the Whale->ilv: 60; vendor price: 2G 79S 19C

War Knife of Strength-> Ilv:17, vendor price: 9S 79C

War Torn Tunic of the Bear-> ilv: 16, vendor price: 5S 59C

Waterfall Cowl of the Invoker-> ilv: 429, vendor price: 13G 99S 64C

Webspinner Shoulderguards of the Whale-> Ilv:178, Vendor price: 5G 47S 32C